Agne Mikalauskiene is a young versatile painter/art doll artist. Born and grow up in Lithuania, where she started to create and wonder about dolls from a very young age — she was 5 years old when her first art doll born. She discovers her ideas and inspiration in the whole world that surrounds her: old photos, old buildings, fabrics, nature, fairy-tails, antiques, animals, books, sentiments. Into these dolls artist put all her feelings and emotions.
All of her dolls are One Of A Kind (O.O.A.K.-meaning only one of each made with no reproduction). Art doll is mostly for adult collectors, they’re not children’s toys but rather a serious work of art.
She hopes her work will make you smile too, and inspire you to daydream and imagine the stories surrounding every character on display.

She have studied 3 years in Kaunas art gymnasium and 4 years in Vilnius Academy of Arts and get fundamentals of anatomy, drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics, architecture.